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Personal Protection dogs are fully trained dogs sold to homes. They are German Shepherds between 1-3 years old. Contact us to find out more about our available trained k-9s.

As there is a lot of time put into effectively training these dogs for the right needs of their owners, we would like to know more about you and your needs.

You don’t need to be located in Colorado to purchase a protection dog. We can & have traveled around the United States to deliver your dog to you.

Here are testimonials from 2 of the Denver Bronco players whom we have placed Protection Trained German Shepherds.

#52 Denver Bronco Ian Gold

Thank you for your interest in our #33 Denver Bronco Jimmy Spencerfully trained protection dogs.

Clients are looking for fully trained protection dogs for a variety of reasons for personal use. 

First, I would like to introduce ourselves, we are Mountain Canine College, LLC. We have been in business in Colorado for 25 years, serving many in state and out of state clients.

Our Master trainer and owner, Paul Wekstein, was a k9 handler in the City of Boston, he then was a police k9 instructor in California where he trained the #2 police dog for Culver City police department,.  After which he moved to Evergreen, Colorado and was the k9 Director for the Evergreen patrol for 7 years before he started his own business, Mountain Canine College, LLC bringing a combined experience of 40 years to the industry.

Mountain Canine College, LLC. uses German Shepherds for protection, as we find them to be the most reliable and stable breed for this type of work.  Our German Shepherds are all imported from Europe as we know that they have better drive and are far better suited for this line of work than American dogs.

All dogs we import from Europe have been x-rayed to certify hips, elbows and spine.  All our dogs come with a 1 year warranty for both health and temperament.

Our dogs are first trained in obedience, where they are taught to:

  • heel
  • auto sit
  • sit
  • sit-stay
  • down
  • down-stay
  • come when called
  • both on and off leash (by hand signals and voice commands)

They have been socialized in various public settings.

After our dogs have mastered their obedience training, they move immediately into protection training were they learn to alert on command, bite on command, pursue on command, and release on command, should a situation change.  During protection training they are also taught to protect their handler(s), family, house and vehicle and call off, if the situation has changed and the dog no longer needs to protect in the situation.

All of our training is guaranteed for the life of the dog.

The price of our fully trained dogs is 12k, if you are in state.  If you are out of state, there will be additional costs associated for travel.

We have videos on all of our dogs and if you are interested, please call us for additional information at 303-679-3535.

Many thanks for your interest and we look forward to hearing from you in the near future.

Best regards,

Paul Wekstein

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